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 Point System

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PostSubject: Point System   Point System Icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2007 7:38 pm

I have developed a point system for this forum. If you are bad, you get a point. If you are good, you don't. But, different offences have different consequences; below is a chart to help you out:

Ways to get points:

Minor spam:
In a minor spam, you will get a warning. After your warning, if you get another minor spam, it is one point, then two, etc. Example of a minor spam: WOW! I am glad there is a rule chart! (end of example).

Saying OM*:
If you say OM*, you will receive two points.

If you swear, you will receive two points, but on your second swear, it becomes three points, but will not increase after that.

Sexual language:
Sexual language has not been a problem on many forums, but in the event that it pops up, you will be automatically given a 72 hour bann

When you get banned
Here is a chart telling the length of getting banned:

  • First bann: 24 hours
  • Second bann: 36 hours
  • Third time: Permenantly banned

After your first bann, just one offence will get you a 36 hour bann. After your second, one offence can do the same witha perma bann.

Point System:
When you first get your account, you will start out with zero points. Five points will get you your first, 24 hour bann period. If you ever need to know your number of points, send me a message asking for it.

With my permission, a moderator can bann your account. In the event that a moderator gets banned, that person will never get a chance at moderator again. The points reset themselves every six monts.

- 2 Bunny
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Point System
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