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 Special story

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Beginning person

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PostSubject: Special story   Special story Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2007 7:31 pm

Wanna make another story? I've got one! It's called "The Pirate." Let me start.

Once upon a time, there lived a pirate. He wore an eye patch, boots, and a belt.Nobody really liked him.He wasn't just a plain old pirate that does what normal pirates do. Well, he had one friend.His friend was a sailor.He wore a red-and-white sailor shirt.He wore a red hat, to.Ya know the kind sailors wear.Well, the pirate was accually a pretty nice guy.He never stole or robbed stores.But everyone accused him of doing so.Everyone, that is,exept Nothere67,the sailor.He never accused 2 Bunny,who was the pirate,of doing such things.Probably because he didn't do it.They were close friends. Until something terrible happend.terrible.The gift shop's money was robbed!Of course, everyone blamed poor 2 Bunny, who was innocent.Well,not nothere67 who never blamed him.But the owner of the gift shop,Smiley001,seemed to see that 2 Bunny always had a good exuse for not stealing things. An example is she went out for some coffee. When she came back, the money was gone.So she asked 2 Bunny if he had stolen the money. He said no, and he said he was in the Pizza Parlor. So she asked tmhld,the Pizza manager.He said that one of his helpers,rhl93, served him. His piano player, 11blueberry, saw him too.That was weird.But when he asked abby jr.,another one of his pizza helpers,but she hadn't seen him.Spyclass, the door watcher, saw him come in, but lilmike24, one of the customers, didn't see him because he was so busy talking with tacutamon, that he didn't see him either.So Smiley001 went back to the coffee shop to talk with fergiemiley. NUMAAN,the coffee manager, served them some coffee and talked a little bit. Then Pengwin nini walked in she was in fancy clothes.NUMAAN asked her why she was wereing that. She said oh nothing much...just getting some money thats all...or i mean i was a fancy dress party were...uh ... you um, get lots of money she said innocently.

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Special story
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